Fender mounted mirrors

As from 1980, all JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) LandCruisers were, because of Japanese traffic regulations, equipped with mirrors mounted on the front fenders. These are the only LandCruisers with these type of mirrors. Pre 1980 Landcruisers had the same type of mirrors like they were used worldwide, mounted on the doors.

The JDM fender mirrors were that also painted in charcoal metallic black with matching black mirror body , instead of the light grey color they were for the door mirrors. Black mirror body’s are hard to find, I found some after market ones on Ebay, and changed the wide angle mirrors from the OEM ones to the aftermarket body’s, perfect fit.

The mirror arms were repainted in the correct metallic color, rubbers cleaned and refreshed with “Black chrome” to make them look like new again.

Here I attached some pictures of after painting, assembly, comparison between aftermarket (new) and OEM (old) mirror body, and the comparison between the flat mirrors and the wide angle mirrors (OEM):


9 responses to “Fender mounted mirrors

  • MT

    Hello Folkert,

    Great car and project!
    I have a HJ60 from 1982 in stock condition, split rims & 4 speed, great car, i love to work on it!

    Please let me know when you working on your car, I would like to meet you and see your project, and I drive past Utrecht every day

  • Dane Read

    Hi folkert

    Could you give us some background how you purchased the vehicle. Your 44 is in such good cond was wondering how you bought it in the end.

    • folkertbj44

      The friend I bought it from has a company specialized in classic Japanese motorcycle parts. He has people in Japan who source parts and/or complete “rare” bikes for him, he wanted to have a Landcruiser for himself, so asked his people to source a trusty one for him in Japan and have it send over to the Netherlands. That’s how it got from Japan. A year later I bought the car from him, when he realized he had enough “toys” already… πŸ™‚
      The previous owner must have taken good care for his car; no dogs, kids, rough usage whatsoever, although there is of course rust in the most common area’s.

      It is said that most JDM vehicles have low milage (mine under 100.000 km’s) because of the fact that most Japanese prefer public transport, and older cars become more and more expensive… thats why lots of cars are exported with low milage.

  • Rob

    Can you let me know where you found the convex or wide angle mirror heads and did you replace the plastic bushings or do you know if can be swapped with brass bushings?


    • folkertbj44

      hi rob, the convex mirrors are the same that came with the car, I just swapped the OEM glass into black aftermarket bodies I found on ebay. the bodies of these mirrors (aftermarket and/or genuine) are the same… so the OEM glass will fit in an aftermarket mirror as well.

  • Riri Syahreza Rachman

    Hello, i really like this fender mounted mirror kit.
    How can i buy it ?? Thank you.

  • Riri Syahreza Rachman

    Thank you Folkert for your advise 😊

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