Hardtop windows

Last weekend I removed the windows from the hardtop. I took them home, because the weather is really nice here at this moment, so I had a good “outdoor” activity in mind: Cleaning the windows and its rubber weatherstripping.

All the weatherstripping was in good order, even so good that I was wondering if they weren’t recently replaced by the previous owner. Nevertheless rubber needs to be maintained well, and I used a product designed for that. It cleans, colors (rich black) and protects the rubber from drying out. Something I would like to prevent as much as possible, since this weatherstripping can cost you a fortune. Let alone that it might be the case that the weatherstripping is no longer available from Toyota. (like the BJ44 Specific smaller side windows).

Unfortunately one of the ambulance door weatherstripping was so dry that it teared apart.. probably the only one that was never replaced before. I need to find a new one.

All the glass are still factory originals, which can be seen by the information etched into the corner of the glass. Yes, the well known TEQ logo. (toyota written in Kanji)
at the end I wrapped the windows in a good protective material. Won’t happen to me that a window cracks while waiting to be assembled again.


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