Preparing hardtop and doors

Now after the doors are welded, its time to prepare them for their first paint job with Epoxy primer. Last week I’ve sanded the hardtop panels, supporting brackets and the doors. Just something that takes hours to do, but from now on I’ve had the worst , and the good stuff comes in, painting and assembly!!
First I decided to keep the sliding door frames in the hard top panels and just mask them when painting, but during the process of making everything better, I choose to remove them. The downside of this decision is that I had to remove all the sticky sealant that holds the sliding window frames on the hardtop, which seems to be very hard to remove. And a dirty job as well. I used a putty knife, some thinner solvent and sanding paper to get rid of all the sealant. After 1 day it was done. But the result will be much better and professional. That’s the way I like it!.


4 responses to “Preparing hardtop and doors

  • Stuart

    Can you send me your phone contact? I am in Japan this week. Stuart

  • MT

    Hi Folkert,

    As you have done so much research in keeping het BJ44 original, do you maybe know the colourcode from white for the rims in the 80’s that was used by Toyota?

    • folkertbj44

      hi there, This is somewhat difficult matter, since rim and roof colors are not officially documented like the body colors.
      It is therefore only based on assumption that the whites of the roof are based on the same white as the whites of the body from the same years..
      like the T12 cygnus white for the pre 1975 cruisers, the 031 white for the cruisers between 1975 and 1979, and the 033 for the post 1979 cruisers…
      although some others say its always been the original T12 cygnus white… you tell me.. 🙂

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