Stage 03 – Repairing Rust

I must admit, I’ve never welded before, and was kind of anxious to do so.. Looked so difficult; what to do?…, What material? Where do I start? How am I ever gonna fix this?

Fortunately the workshop owner was really helpful in showing me how the whole welding process works, like working with different kinds of sheet metal, the thickness, the specific settings on the welding machine and of course how to weld and how not to weld.. 🙂 It surprised me that it seemed to be easier than I thought, at least for the parts I managed to fix..
I enjoyed preparing sheet metal pieces for covering up the cutted holes, It almost became an obsession to make a perfect fit including the correct angles, curves etc…. I got suprised what you can do with just a hammer, a sheet metal cutter, and some tubes of metal with different round corners!!!! I’ll show you the different parts of the fixing process, like cutting away the bad parts, making a nice piece that fits well, welding and finally grinding the welds to an even surface.


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