Repairing the doors

As I’ve showed you in a previous post the right ambulance door and right front door suffered from serious rust in the “well known” bottom part. I ordered door skins at CCOT (Cool cruisers of Texas) and received them a week ago. Great parts!!! I used the new skins as a template for drawing the right cut out on the door and used a slice cutter to cut the rotten part of… after that i use a grinder to grind the edges to bare metal for welding.

Be gentle with slicing the bottom part off… better to slice and grind a few times extra, than to discover you’ve cut off to much at once. because then you’re screwed!! I still have to weld the pieces together… I’ll show the results of that in an upcoming post.


3 responses to “Repairing the doors

  • Curtice

    How did the final welding go? I am going to be doing the same thing with skins for my front doors. Would like to know your experience.


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