Nuts & Bolts: replated

A few weeks ago I brought my mounting hardware to a plating company, this is a company where they for instance re-chrome or zinc plate your metal parts. Toyota originally used a yellow zinc plate on their nuts and bolts, something iconic, since most of the car manufacturers use a more blue/neutral colored zinc finish for their hardware. Yellow zinc is a bit stronger than the standard zinc type.

Since yellow zinc plating was an option, I choose for the “factory” look. Also because all the nuts and bolts were original and never replaced with non-original types. The procedure of zinc plating goes like this: First all the rusty bolts and nuts go in an acid bath until a clean metal surface is achieved. Now the bare metal parts need to get a new plating to protect them against future rust. This is done by an electrolysis method. A low electric current is connected to a zinc acid bath, this low current will make the zinc in the bath attach to the surface of the bolt.

By now all my hardware is back to its original finish, what brings me to the following: We’re ready for assembly!!!

see pics to get some idea what it looks like.


2 responses to “Nuts & Bolts: replated

  • erik

    He Wolk.

    Welk adres heb jij hiervoor gebruikt ??

    Ik heb ook nog een bak vol met bouten/moeren liggen, en die moeten ook gedaan worden een keer.

    Groets Erik.

    • folkertbj44

      ey corrie!! 🙂 ik heb het verzinken gedaan bij heijchroom in amsterdam, ze hebben ook nog een ander filiaal, heijchroom zijn goeie gasten, Jelle doet al het zink/chroom werk daar en is heel OK!
      kosten waren voor alle boutjes 70 euro ex btw, maar als ik er meer had gebracht was het hetzelfde geweest.. je betaald geloof ik per keer ipv kilo ofzo.. website

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