Refurbish apron emblems

Because I would like to stick to my tight budget, I have to be efficient. That means, cut the cost on replacing parts that are basically good, but just need some attention in detail, for instance the emblems. If I would replace all the emblems that would cost me around $ 200 exl. shipping. For that amount I can also buy parts like door skins, something i cannot fix myself.

Repainting decals is a simple and rewarding task. The only thing that needs to be in good order with your weathered decals is the quality of the chrome finish. The decals are probably made from ABS plastic, since that plastic allows you to chrome it. The layer of chrome is very thin, and might become faded after a while. If that is the case, repainting is useless, if you would like to get back to stock appearance.

Here is how I did it:
• clean and degrease the emblems (in this case the apron emblems) with a nailbrush and a strong soap/cleaner .
• use some mild rubbing compound, like chrome or car paint polish to buff up the chrome elements.
• clean again with the nail brush and some warm water.
• to cover painted parts in this case satin black, spray the whole emblem black.
• if the emblem has more than 1 color you might want to mask that part with some masking tape like the red “4” in the 4-wheel drive emblem.
• remove the tape if used and mask the opposite part when using a second color.
• spray the second color.
• remove all the tape if used.
• let the emblem dry overnight
• use a soft cloth or even better cotton swabs with some thinner solvent to rub the excessive paint from the chrome.
• gently clean the emblem one more time with warm water and a nailbrush.


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