Dashboard & knobs

Its been more than 2 weeks I posted, last week I forgot to take my camera with me to the workshop. So if there are no pics, there’s nothing to write about.
This week I’ll make it up with you, and drop a few post at once. Beginning with installing the dash knobs…

As you might have seen in an earlier post, I repainted my dash knobs with care, polished their brass and alu fittings and stored them in a box for later in the progress.
Last week I started to work on the interior, beginning with the knobs. Fortunately I had some before pics stored on my laptop, so it was easy to figure out which knob should be placed where. After some trial and error with the connectors, I tested them with the contact on. And voila, they all worked like they were supposed to be. Easy does it!

After that i installed the factory AM radio, a nice and rare item in like new condition. I choose to install the OEM radio not because I’m happy enough with its functionality, but because it needs to be there, a modern type of electronic just doent do justice to the looks of the cruiser. Besides that, a modern type radio even won’t fit in the earlier type slot. So at the end its no radio or the original radio. That is, If you’re not into cutting up your dash. But then, Who is????


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