Build up, day 01

Dear all, Yesterday I had the best day in times, a day long awaited… The day I could finally start to assemble all the big and small parts that took ages to clean, sand, repair, sand again, level, paint… The day I’ve dreamed of from day 01. In the meantime I had collected many boxes with bought parts, prepared parts, cleaned parts…

A few days ago I bought a 1mm sheet op rubber, some tools to punch holes (6mm, 8mm, 10mm), and a Stanley cutting knife. With these ingredients I made all the cushion pads for parts like the hood hooks, hinges etc, to be exact all the parts that are mounted paint to paint…
This way the assembly wont scratch the paint surface and won’t allow water to enter between those two parts.

After preparing the cushions I started with the box labeled “Rear” , containing the parts for the spare tire rack, rear bumper, lights etc.
I was so full of energy and everything was prepared so well, the build up went super fast. The whole rear was assembled in just like 90 minutes. Installing the rear emblems was a real magic moment… What a nice subtle contrast between the body color and the creamy color of the emblems..ahhhhhh

Then I started to work to the front; jack holder, tool bag, tool clips… until I reached the front side, beginning with one fender, grill, other fender, aprons. The fenders and grill need to be mounted in a loose way so you can adjust every nut and bold later on until everything is lined up in a proper manner. If you don’t do it this way you’ll end up pulling hair, because nothing seems to fit.

During the day I also covered the inside of the hood with sound/vibrating insulation pads, I used a blow heater at 450 degrees Celcius to make the pas flexible and soft so they will stick and form better to the surface.

At the end of the day I installed the hood, fender mirrors, hooks, apron emblems. A long day but so rewarding, you will remember many years after.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I do, although it took me a while to adjust the fluorescent light, which made the car almost look like lime green. Not my personal flavor.


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