Seat Belts

Last weekend I continued cleaning and repairing all the small interior items I have stored in several boxes around my house. This time I was ready for the safety belts. At first I planned to buy a new aftermarket set to replace the OEM ones, mainly because the drivers side belt was most of the time not working properly, which is something I would not take the risk for.

Companies like SOR and CCOT only sell the OEM style black belts, like they were fitted in the US market FJ40’s, but as I’ve experienced before, colors for the Japanese market cruisers were not available. After some searching on the net, I found a US company ( that makes retractable 3-point seat belts in all styles and colors. Unfortunately they don’t ship internationally, so that was a bit of a pain in the ass…

I decided I would give the OEM belts a second chance. As most of the other parts they were in reasonable order, and the working mechanism isn’t rocket science as well, so a cleanup and some lubrication just might be all that it needs…. Thankfully I was right; after some cleaning everything worked as it was supposed to. I used some power cleaner and a nailbrush on the belts and housing and let it dry after that. Looks like new again, and I saved myself 200 dollars!!! 🙂

Fun fact: The seat belts have a label stitched onto that states they meet the US Federal Standard, although this type/color of seat belt was never fitted in a US Market Land Cruiser…


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