Wheel chocks

A nice find in the OEM toolbag are these original Toyota folding wheel chocks.. I suspect these wheel chocks to be a rare item, and not a standard part in tool bags outside Japan. At least I have never seen one before.
They’re listed at the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) with part number 09184‑00031 and listed as a BJ44V standard item. They fit perfectly next to each other folded at the bottom of the tool bag.

After cleaning up I noticed they are still in good condition, which makes me wonder if I should repaint them… They’re not rusty whatsoever, they show just minor usage. They have their original decals, which are probably unobtainable, so I decided not to repaint them, just spray some silicone to prevent future rust.


3 responses to “Wheel chocks

  • Dane Read


    i must admit i never got any original tool bag with my vehicle. Some really nice extra bits that you will never have a chance of getting again.

    Keep up with the website. It will really be a great tribute to the 44 once you have finished.

  • Type17

    These were also included in most (all?) Toyota cars sold in Ireland in the late 70’s/early 80’s. My dad’s KP-60 Starlet came with one, and I thought that they were so useful that I searched them out in wrecking yards, and I still have one in the tool kit of my 2004 VW Golf – can’t figure out why vehicle manufacturers still don’t provide these.

  • guy sylvestre

    hi, visiting a restoration shop in quebec canada.
    I’ve seen one pair. the story doesn’t tell in witch vehicle it was found…

    but can ask the owner
    BTW very wonderful website informative and very well done


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