Grill & Emblems

After a short holiday break (x-mass, ny) its time to start where I left. Next week I will start prepping the paint job, but before that there’s enough work to be done on the smaller parts. Today I cleaned up the grill and its emblems. The grill was in good shape (like most of the parts so far) but needed to be repainted. First I cleaned up the grill with a wire brush, just to remove some surface rust and other debris.
Then degreased it, rinsed it with water and let it dry for a while. Used a spray can with Satin Black Motip paint. and sprayed in 3 thin layers, to prevent it from running. After that I cleaned the emblems with a nail brush and some mild soap. No further touch ups needed with these emblems. The hard to find “diesel” emblem still looks like new….. wrap it up and store till assembly.


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