The workshop

Since I live in Amsterdam, being an owner of a spacious workshop/shed/garage is a rare thing. Therefore I had to find myself a place I could work on my Land cruiser for a longer period. In the Netherlands there seems to be a new trend: DIY Garages, in other words, a garage in which you can rent a workspace to work on your own car. This concept comes in several flavors; a) the garage you can rent a space for a few hours to do a small job, like replacing your exhaust. But also b) garages you can rent a space for a longer time, including the use of a paint cabin, where they can mix your paint, instruct you how to weld and give general tips and instructions while you learn by trial and error… The last one sounded good for me, since I need some help, tips etc on working on my restore.

After a search, some emailing back and forward, I decided to work in a workshop named “Sleutelwerk” ( It’s located in Utrecht, just a 20 minutes drive from my house.

I brought the car in at Wednesday 15th of Dec, and started my first restoration day on Monday 20th.


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